Going to a Holiday Party & You Have Nothing To Wear?!?

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Here is your guide on how to dress for Holiday Party’s

One of the things I hear many times, as a stylist, during this time of year is “I have nothing to wear to a holiday party that I am attending tomorrow evening! Please HELP!!  The first question I ask is what is the dress attire on the invitation?  Most often the answer is  “there is not anything printed on the invitation about dress attire” or “it is an office party and it is casual but not too casual.”  None of which are helpful to you or me in this situation.  You are in a state of panic, dreading for that evening to come, it is the day before and you still haven’t found that perfect outfit!  So, what do you do?  Keep reading and I will help you.

Here are some Do’s & Don’ts with helpful hints:

  • Know who is attending the party.  If you be mingling with clients, CEO’s, as well as co-workers or employees, at an office party, then  you would want to keep your outfit on the conservative side.  A bit dressier then you would wear to the office but still conservative.  
  • Know the venue.  Is it being held at an office location, a lounge, a restaurant, or a bar.  For example, you might be more comfortable in a cocktail dress at a lounge but if it’s at the bar around the corner from the office, you may feel overdressed.  
  • Ask whoever is planning the event what the dress code is.  If he/she responds with “holiday dress,” you may want to ask for clarification. If you are still not sure, then wear a simple black dress with simple but elegant jewelry.  
  • Opt for overdressed rather than underdressed.  There is nothing worse than showing up to a party in jeans when everyone else is in a suit or a cocktail dress.
  • Wear something that makes you feel fabulous!  Remember to stay within the appropriate dress attire but you need to feel good in what you choose to wear.  
  • go thru your closet first.  Take out all your possibilities and style them with accessories and shoes.  If you find something that works, perfect, set the outfit aside with everything together.  You may only find one half of your outfit that works, a fabulous skirt or a dress.  Know what you need to purchase before you go shopping.  You will save money that way!
  • wear a fabulous coat or wrap that accentuates your outfit not hides it.
  • hire a stylist if you are still in need of help!! 

Don’t:  **Remember these are "DON'Ts" :)
  • wear something too tight or too short.  Absolutely do not wear something that will show an abundance of cleavage.  Less is more and makes a more pleasant statement.  Holiday parties present an opportunity to mingle with your peers and your superiors in a way you may not normally get to do.  Don’t be the talk of the party because you wore the tightest dress.  Be the talk of the party because wore a fantastic outfit and know you are the office’s style Icon!
  • Show up in a party dress or jeans when everyone else will be wearing a suit.
  • Over think it; if you feel good in something and it’s within the dress code of the event, go with it!
  • wear the Holiday sweater 
  • over accessorize.  Keep jewelry simple.  Long earrings with a nice bracelet or a long necklace with stud earrings.  Do not let the sales person sell  you the whole set...”you need to get the matching earrings with the matching bracelet and the matching necklace and Oh, don’t forget the big gaudy ring that matches as well!”  No, No, No!
  • wear your dress from 20 years ago just because it was still in the closet.
  • wear too much make-up.  Again, less is more.  You can go for a dramatic eye but then keep the lipstick natural.
  • wear flats.  Its time to get out your big girl shoes or at least your heels!  Flats are a definite DON’T at any holiday party.
  • bring your giant tote bag 
  • wear your denim jacket or your frumpy coat when you are dressed up.  Find a nice coat that is suitable for the occasion.  If you don’t have one, then enjoy the cooler weather!

Here are some ideas to help you obtain the look for the evening: 
For Casual dressy to dressy attire:
  • A simple black dress with rouching with knee high boots are one of my favorite ensembles and any age group can wear the look.  
  • Sequin tank paired with the little black sweater will most always go well.   Match these tops up with dark wash denims, trouser jeans or a black or winter white dress slack.  Remember always wear heels!  
  • Off the Shoulder sweater in winter white or red with or without a small amount of shimmer.  Pair it with a great black skirt and some stilettos or knee high boots and you are looking and feeling great!! For a more casual party, you can wear the sweater with your favorite pair of jeans that have a little bling on the back pockets and a pair of stilettos.  
  • A sweater with a touch of holiday bling over a simple top is a super and versatile option. You can wear this with a great pair of dress slacks or a skirt.  Add a simple clutch and you have a perfect match for holiday elegance.  
  • A sequin skirt paired with a very simple top.  Sequins on the bottom should not equal sequins on top.

If you are attending a black-tie event some of the same rules apply.  Keep accessories simple, always carry a clutch and don’t let your coat get in the way of your fabulous dress!

Stay Tuned!!  I will be posting picture ideas this week!!  

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