Fashion Friday!

Fashion Friday!

Dad's Makeover! Great Day SA Segment

Awwww!  If we could only dress our significant others on a regular basis!  Well, one Dad let his wife do just that!  Barak Baker and his beautiful wife Alli are the sweetest couple!  After 2 children and 14 years of being together they got married about 10 days ago!  I love this sweet couple who are so dedicated to their children and each other!  Here are some pictures from our style session!  A big thank you to Tommy Bahama at La Cantera Mall!  They donated his outfit & allowed us to do an impromptu photo session in their store!  I donated my style services Style by Jules Aldaz and Sara @ Two Sister's Salon donated her expertise on his hair!  Pics taken my me & I styled each of his outfits!  Sara did an awesome job on styling his hair.  She did a fade and put a few highlights in his hair which is a great way for men to introduce a little color.  Barak's wife commented on how his face lighted up when he walked out and how happy he looked.  They loved everything! When doing out Style Consultation we really spoke about what Barak wanted and that he would be comfortable with.  He loved cargo shorts and so it was a little difficult pulling him out of those!  He spoke to me about his business - HD Services Commercial & residential window & janitorial cleaning and how he would like to appear in front of his clients.  It was really important for him, though, to still be able to move freely with his kids!  Thank you Great Day SA for always being so wonderful to me & helping us give Barak this wonderful Make Over.  Don't forget to watch Bridget and the gang each morning on Kens5 @ 9am!!

Date night!

Date night!

Topshop leather sandals
$82 -

Menbur red handbag
$66 -

Annoushka rose gold jewelry
$4,400 -

Fiesta Fun outfits for the entire family!! Viva Fiesta!!

Happy Fiesta everyone!  Here are a couple of outfits featured on my segment on Friday at Great Day SA!  I will post another outfit tomorrow!  The outfits pictured in this post all came from Nordstrom at La Cantera Mall.  

 This outfit can be worn from day to evening by switching out the hat & shoes.  Wear flats with the hat during the day and the switch the sandals for a pair of wedge sandals as shown.  Hat (Eric Javits Hampton Straw- Nordstrom) Wedge shoes (Nordstrom Charles David Oliver Cork Platform Wedge Sandal), Topshop Crochet top, Floral print top & skort (Nordstrom - upstairs in Topshop area), Gold Cuff Bracelet.  All items can be mixed and match with so many other clothing that you may have in your closet!
Bella, my 10 year beautiful daughter, is wearing a light weight spaghetti strap dress in Tangerine paired with a flower headband and a Tucker & Tate printer pom pom scarf all found at Nordstrom.  My sweet model, Emily, is wearing a Zunie Tie dyed Maxi print dress (Nordstrom) and a gorgeous necklace from Adelante Boutique at The Pearl.

Alexa, my beautiful 8 year old, is wearing a fun dress with fiesta colors (Nordstrom - Peek "Halle" dress).  It is accessorized with a Tucker & Tate pom pom scared and a little sparkle on her sandals.  Our other gorgeous model is wearing a hot pink top from Nordstrom with an open back.  It is paired with a mint green crochet lace short and Sam Edelman's denim sandals.

Price List for Cosmetics

Dry Shampoo! Love it or hate it?

I personally love love love dry shampoo but there are certain tips that you should now about using these products!  Dry shampoos usually come in one of three forms — an actual powder, a liquid that comes from a pump dispenser, or an aerosol spray. Dry shampoo can be used in between washes if you’re trying to lengthen the life of your blow-out, trying to add volume to your hair, got up late and you dont feel like washing your hair or even in situations when water isn’t readily available (like when you’re camping, for instance which I would not know about because camping to me is staying a motel instead of a hotel).

Whatever you choose, remember that dry shampoo will only help to absorb excess oil and it won’t necessarily clean out the dirt and grime from a long day’s work, though it might mask it with a pretty scent. Good enough for your lunch break after a quick trip to the gym? Sure. Good enough before a big first date? Probably not so much.

Here are some tips when using Dry Shampoo:

1. Get to the root of the matter: When using a dry shampoo, it is important to spray it right on the roots to remove access oil. Suave Professional Dry Shampoo does have a great scent! 

2. Divide and conquer: In order to get best results, you’ll want to divide your hair into small sections and spray each section underneath at the roots.

3. Flip it for fabulousness: Once you spray each section thoroughly, don’t stop there! Flip your head upside down and gently massage the dry shampoo into the hair. This will really help revive the hair and add volume and texture, making it easier to style.

4. Back (comb) it up:  If you have limp hair, take a brush and gently back comb the hair after you spray the dry shampoo.  This will add volume at the crown of your hair and help evenly distribute the product through your stands.

5. Back away from the regular shampoo  – If you wash your hair too much, it can actually produce more oil, so try washing less frequently—say, every other day or every two days – and use a dry shampoo in between for maintenance. Dry shampoo will quickly become your second day hair best friend.
******For me the only tip you really need!!!  Apply it at night before you go to bed.  It will absorb and you will wake up with refresh hair!!!*****

My favorite pics:
  • Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-powder - LOVE!  Did I mention I LOVE this stuff!!
  • Oribe Dry Texturing spray (can be used for texturing or as a dry shampoo)
  • psssst! - so inexpensive yet works so well!
  • Lush - No Drought 
  • Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder (in variety of color to match your shade)
  • Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo
There really are so many choices out there.  These are the ones I have personally tried!  Be sure to sign up to follow my blog for more fashion & beauty tips!  Happy Dry Shampooing! :) 

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