Dad's Makeover! Great Day SA Segment

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Awwww!  If we could only dress our significant others on a regular basis!  Well, one Dad let his wife do just that!  Barak Baker and his beautiful wife Alli are the sweetest couple!  After 2 children and 14 years of being together they got married about 10 days ago!  I love this sweet couple who are so dedicated to their children and each other!  Here are some pictures from our style session!  A big thank you to Tommy Bahama at La Cantera Mall!  They donated his outfit & allowed us to do an impromptu photo session in their store!  I donated my style services Style by Jules Aldaz and Sara @ Two Sister's Salon donated her expertise on his hair!  Pics taken my me & I styled each of his outfits!  Sara did an awesome job on styling his hair.  She did a fade and put a few highlights in his hair which is a great way for men to introduce a little color.  Barak's wife commented on how his face lighted up when he walked out and how happy he looked.  They loved everything! When doing out Style Consultation we really spoke about what Barak wanted and that he would be comfortable with.  He loved cargo shorts and so it was a little difficult pulling him out of those!  He spoke to me about his business - HD Services Commercial & residential window & janitorial cleaning and how he would like to appear in front of his clients.  It was really important for him, though, to still be able to move freely with his kids!  Thank you Great Day SA for always being so wonderful to me & helping us give Barak this wonderful Make Over.  Don't forget to watch Bridget and the gang each morning on Kens5 @ 9am!!

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