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So, how many of you would love to have fuller locks! I know I do! I have tried so many thickening products that its just ridiculous BUT the one thing that has worked the best is cutting back on washing my hair. I went from washing my hair almost everyday to about twice a week now! It has changed my hair completely! 

 Here are some tips on how to cut back without being completely oily: 
  • Start slow - begin with washing your hair every other day and then go to every 3rd day and so forth. Understand and expect an adjustment period 
  • Your new BFF - DRY Shampoo. There are so many brands on the market now but my 3 favorite are PSST (found at Walmart), Oscar Blandi (found at Nordstrom's) and LUSH No Drought (found at Macy's Lush Department or Lush online). The Lush is my personal favorite as it is a powder so it contains no alcohol and I can even use it at night and then wake up with oily free full locks! 
  • Explore new hairstyles - slick side pony tail, buns are very "in" right now and work better with "dirty" hair, hats with a low pony or there are so many fun scarves out there right now.

 Most important - not washing your hair everyday allows your hair to regain its natural oils. You will save money on shampoo & conditioners, you hair won't be as frizzy so if you get Brazilian Blowouts you will more than likely be able to cut back on those, you should have fuller hair, and the TIME oh the TIME you save in the mornings or at night is priceless!

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  1. I have been in need of a good dry shampoo...thanks so much for the post!!