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Welcome to San Antonio ~ Elaine Turner Boutique

As I arrived at Elaine Turner’s new boutique on Broadway in Alamo Heights, I couldn’t help but to notice her impeccable attention to every detail from her signature hangbags, to her absolutely gorgeous shoe collection, to her accessories right down to her home products.  When you first walk into her boutique you immediately feel as if you have traveled to an exotic land of beauty and fashion.  Her stores are playful but chic and they are designed to make every woman feel as if they have just walked into their home away from home.  Elaine’s goal is to create designs with a sense of feel good fashion, that are affordable yet luxurious while making every women smile whether they are on vacation or driving thru the car pool line to pick up their children from school.   

  Elaine is a true Texan at heart but with a twist of adventure and flair when it comes to her style and designs.   She was born and raised in Houston before taking on the fashion world in NYC as an apparel designer.  It was there where she met her husband, Jim, and together they created her dream, Elaine Turner Designs where he serves as the CEO.  She has traveled the world and brings that world back to her clients in her stores.  She uses exotic materials such as bright grasscloth, raffia, glitter hair calf and cork, as well as bamboo accents and crown hardware.  In each of her handbags, you will find inside her beautiful accent of pink jacquard lining.  She is inspired by muses such as Elizabeth Taylor which was the inspiration for her Spring 2012 line and Ali McGraw who inspired her Fall 2102 line currently being featured in her stores.  In addition, Elaine is also a philanthropist.  Elaine Turner Designs is a significant contributor to Heroes for the Children as well as Elaine and Jim Turner have served as Honorary Chairs at the 2011 inaugural luncheon benefitting the Center for Success and Independence.  
Elaine Turner @ her Alamo Heights Boutique

For more information on Elaine Turner Design’s, you can go to or better yet, just stop by her fabulous store and experience her warm and welcoming staff as they take you on an journey to reach your destination of style.